Sweet Life Campaign

Bringing the Sweet Life to Everyone isn't just our tagline. It's so much more. We are deeply concerned about the welfare of those people enslaved by others. In the USA many thought that slavery was abolished in 1865. But what is written in law is not always practiced. It just morphed. Now instead of picking cotton for clothes, enslaved people harvest shrimp in the Indian Ocean for our freezer sections.  And here in the states many who are called prostitutes are actually slaves to their pimps and preyed upon by their customers.

We aim to be an influence for good in the anti-human trafficking movement.  And to that end we strive to donate 10% of our revenue to agencies bringing support to these women, children, and men. We would like to someday employ many ex-victims of human trafficking, providing them some comfort, refuge, and rehabilitation as they work towards true freedom from their past.  And in this way, we will bring the sweet life to everyone!

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